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A physics puzzle platformer where you move, bounce and jump with a portable spring staff.

Do you have a game idea you think is really cool and unique? You think to yourself 'That's the one, I'll make it one day! It'll be awesome!'. Well that was Springlockers to me and this is the prototype I made to explore the core mechanic. It's a physics platformer in which you carry a staff with a spring attached to it to move, bounce and jump around the terrain. You can also get different attachments for the other end of the staff, such as weapons, tools and even spring variants that you can mix and match to change how you can pass through areas. Some tools can be combined to perform more complex actions, such as holding your staff upward to glide with an umbrella and using the gun on the other end to reign fire downward. I planned so many of these attachments, I really fell in love with the idea! Imagine my disappointment when everybody I handed it to could barely play it. The twin stick controls in a platformer seem to be like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time for a lot of people. You either get it right away or not at all.

In its current form a simple puzzle game that aims to show off all the different attachments I made and how they can function with each other. The physics are a little borked and all the jumps are overly difficult but it does a fairly good job of representing the concept. If I ever figure out how to get the controls to be more accessible I definitely want to keep working on this one day, always open to suggestions on how to improve this thing!


Left Stick: Move Left/Right | Right Stick : Aim Spring/Staff | Right Trigger: Expand Spring | Left Trigger: Shoot/Activate Attachment | Left Bumper


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